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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

19-25 February 2015

In the last week 143580 has been moving around areas familiar to it. What is interesting is that during that whole week, it seems that the vulture never once visited the municipal rubbish dump at Al Amrat (where it was caught).  Currently it is moving between Al Hajar and Al Fayad, villages near the main Muscat-Quriyat road.  If you look back at earlier blog posts, you will see that this bird has used these areas before.  The assumption (at least my assumption) was that the Al Amerat rubbish dump played a huge role to the birds there, and that the birds visited daily.  This is apparently not the case, and implies that many more Egyptian vultures are using the area than we see at Al Amerat, and during the winter sometimes over 400 Egyptian vultures can be seen at the rubbish dump there!

Movements of 143580 during the week starting on 19 Feb 2015. (Click on the image and it will open in a new window, and be easily enlarged.)

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