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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Steppe Eagles - late January 2017

In mid January 2017 we caught two steppe eagles at Al Multaqaa landfill site, south of Muscat.  You can read more about that in an earlier post.  Since then, both birds have left Al Multaqaa and headed south.

The first bird we caught, "105" (an eagle hatched last year named after the ID number of its tag), stayed near Al Multaqaa and in the Wadi Sareen Nature Reserve for a couple of days, then headed south over the eastern Hajar Mountains.  Since then it has been mostly moving within about 20 km of Al Mudaybi, and making use of the rubbish dump there.

The second bird, "162312" (hatched in 2015) also stayed near Multaqaa for a couple of days then headed south to Al Qabil, then a location on the edge of the Wahiba Sands, then quickly on to the Tahwa landfill site south of Sur.  On 31 January it made a move back to the west and is currently about 20 km E of Al Mudaybi.

In the coming days I'll be providing more information on these birds and updating the information on the vulture we are tracking, so visit the blog again or follow us.  Remember, if you click on the image, it should open up larger in a new window.

Movements of two Steppe eagles fitted with satellite tags in mid January 2017  at Al Multaqaa Landfill

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