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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mid-April 2015

In recent days the vulture we have been tracking has moved south and has been spending its time near Quriyat, or more accurately near the Quriyat rubbish dump. The Quriyat rubbish dump, like the one at Muscat, is a good place to see vultures.  In the last 8 months or so, the dump has been being upgraded and modernized, but vultures like ours still visit it.  We already know that the Muscat dump, which is probably the most modern in the country is visited on a daily basis by many scavenging birds, including Endangered Egyptian vultures and Vulnerable Lappet-faced vultures, both of which are resident in Oman.

Movements in mid-April 2015 of an Egyptian vulture fitted with a satellite-received transmitter

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

First week of April 2015

During early April, the Egyptian vulture we are tracking continues to be moving mostly between villages along the Muscat -Quriyat road.  If one zooms in on the locations, you can see the shadows of the electricity pylons, illustrating just how much time this bird spends perched on them. This bird has also made journeys out to the coast between Sifa and Yiti, and at least one journey to the beach south of Quriyat (Click on the map below to enlarge).

Below is a link to a kml file that you can download and then open up in Google Earth.  Once you do that you can zoom into the places this bird has visited and see the pylons I mention above.  To download the file, click on the link (this will open up in Google Maps, but will show nothing, so don't pay any attention to it), then go to File, then Download.  Save to your computer, then open using Goggle Earth.  Let me know if this does not work, and I'll try to figure out something else.

EV kml April 2015

Movements of satellite tracked vulture during 31 March-7 April 2015