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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Early October 2015

For those of you who are in Oman, the flow of Egyptian vultures from areas farther north has begun. These birds will include adult birds that breed in northern parts of the range (probably mostly from western and central Asia) and their offspring.  Because of this the numbers of Egyptian vultures using the rubbish dumps in Oman are climbing, and will be high throughout the winter.  The incomers will, of course, mix with the resident Omani Egyptian vultures and Lappet-faced vultures, and migrant eagles at the rubbish dump.  Winter is a good time in Oman for raptors.

The bird we have been tracking has spent much of its time over the last 2 weeks at the main Muscat municipal rubbish dump.  This is despite the work that is going on there as the dump is undergoing a planned expansion.  You can see the expansion if you look at the site on Google Earth, or, of course, you can just go by and see for yourself.
Movements of a radiotagged Egyptian vulture during the first two weeks of October 2015.