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Thursday, January 24, 2019

A new paper on foraging by Egyptian vultures in Oman

A juvenile Egyptian vulture fitted with a solar-powered satellite transmitter in 2017.
Analysis of data from tracked juvenile Egyptian vultures in Djibouti and Oman suggests that, even when food is plentiful and concentrated in a single place, they will forage over large areas, thereby keeping abreast of the current availability of food.  This behaviour would of course be advantageous because information on food availability is a hedge against the ephemeral food on which vultures typically rely (Download the paper by clicking on the link below). Adults may be doing the same thing, albeit affected by breeding/territoriality.  But that is another paper, which may arise from data we are collecting in Oman. 

For information on the bird tracked in Djibouti, See  https://egyptianvulturedjibouti.blogspot.com/

Click here to download document