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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Late May 2016

Since fitting this bird with a transmitter, we have received over 1600 high quality locations.  A feature of this bird's movements is that it seems to settle into areas for some time, then move on to others.  Soon after tagging this bird settled in near Quriyat, then moved south for some time near the Tahwa Landfill.  It then moved and spent some time ranging near Ibra.  Recently it seems to be spending most of its time in the Wadi Sareen Reserve.  Perhaps it has moved to this higher area to try to escape the worst of the summer heat.  In the reserve it seems to be spending most of its time in the high cliffs south of Salifah and Siya.

Movements of a two year old Egyptian vulture during 15-31 May 2016.  Click on image to open in a separate tab.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Early May 2016

The heat is on in Oman, with temperatures in Muscat moving into the lower 40's C.  The vulture we have been tracking has spent most of the past two weeks just north of Ibra, with a few journeys north to Wadi Sareen.  It has also ventured a bit south of Ibra to the edge of the Wahiba Sands.  It is interesting that this bird was caught near Muscat, spent a few weeks in Quriyat, then a few weeks in areas south of Sur, and now concentrates its movements mostly around Ibra.  I wonder what makes the birds move?  Or dwell, for that matter?

Movements of an Egyptian vulture during the first half of May 2016, in Oman.  The outlined area is the Wadi Sareen Reserve.