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Monday, July 18, 2016

Early July 2016

The map below shows the movement of the transmittered bird during the first half of July.  Most of the time it has spent in the Wadi Sareen Nature Reserve.  At least one reason for doing this is that might be that it is cooler in the reserve and the many cliffs must offer good places to roost.  Although the bird made very short visits to known rubbish dumps at Al Amerat and Quriyat, it mainly stayed away from human habitation.  While we know that some vultures are electrocuted in Oman (see this blog December 21, 2015), in the past two weeks this bird has spent most of its time in areas where very few power lines exist.

Movements of sub-adult vulture during the first half of July 2016.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Tracking since January

We have now received about 2000 locations for the Egyptian vulture we have been tracking since January.  In the last week it has been mostly moving around just north of Ibra, in Wadi Sareen, and in areas adjacent to Wadi Sareen.  In Wadi Sareen it seems to be roosting in the steep cliffs.

Movements of a subadult Egyptian vultures during Jan-June 2016.